How to Rent a Timeshare Through

If you’re ready to plan your next getaway, you may be wondering how to rent a timeshare. offers an easy rental process and a large inventory. Read how timeshare rentals by owners are a simple and affordable vacation option.

Timeshares for Rent by Owners

When you book a timeshare for rent by owner, you will deal directly with the owner. This means you will be able to negotiate pricing and other details of the rental week, such as the length of stay.’s knowledgeable resort rental specialists will be available to answer any of your questions or concerns during the rental process. Whether you have trouble contacting the timeshare owner, questions regarding the rental process, or concerns about the exchange of funds, we are ready to assist you. We will also draft the rental agreement form that is signed by both the renter and the timeshare owner prior to the agreed rental period.

How to Book a Timeshare Rental

  1. Choose a timeshare rental of interest, and then email the owner to inform him or her of your interest.
  2. Negotiate the price and length of stay with the owner.
  3. The owner will send you a rental agreement form. Sign and return the form to the owner with the requested deposit (usually done by money order, certified check, or
  4. After receiving your deposit and the returned and signed rental agreement, the owner will obtain a confirmation number or guest passes from the resort. He or she will then request the final deposit.
  5. You will receive the confirmation number or resort guest passes from the owner once you have paid the remaining deposit.

If you have any additional questions about renting timeshares, contact one of our friendly experts at 1-844-202-3508 today.