Frequently Asked Questions About Timeshare Rental

For those looking to vacation comfortably while on a budget, renting a timeshare is the perfect option. Timeshare rentals offer spacious lodgings and a wide array of amenities, like spas and restaurants. You’ll enjoy quality accommodations on a budget when you rent a timeshare.

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about renting timeshares. If you have additional questions, call us at 1-844-202-3508 to speak with a timeshare rental specialist.

Why do owners rent out their timeshares?

Timeshare owners rent out their units when they are unable to use them due to scheduling or other conflicts. An owner may also rent out a timeshare when he or she is trying to sell the vacation property but does not yet have a buyer.

Owners benefit from renting out their timeshares because they can use the rental payment to cover their maintenance fees and taxes, while travelers benefit from great deals on quality resort getaways.

How will I benefit from renting a timeshare?

Hotels often offer the same or better accommodations,but charge higher nightly rates than a timeshare rental. When you rent a timeshare, you’ll enjoy more spacious lodgings and access to the same resort amenities as the owner of the timeshare. Timeshare resorts typically include a better selection of amenities than hotels and motels in order to make guests feel more at home.

Are timeshare rentals only available in one- or two-week intervals?

No. In fact, you can find timeshare rentals available for a few nights or a single night. The number of nights rented out is up to the timeshare owner. As their scheduled date draws nearer, owners typically become more negotiable about the length of stay and rental price.

Although a few offer short durations, timeshare rentals are typically available in one- or two-week intervals. Many rentals are so inexpensive, however, that you can rent the whole week and only stay for a few nights and still save money.

How can I be sure that my timeshare rental is reserved?

When you rent a timeshare, you and the owner will sign a rental agreement before the rental week that protects both of you. The agreement states that you, the renter, will pay in full for your rental. Once the owner receives your payment, he or she will inform the resort that you’ll be staying during the agreed-upon period and obtain either a confirmation or guest passes for you. Both parties should have copies of the agreement, which ensures that the owner receives payment for the use of the timeshare and that the renter has a timeshare reserved in his or her name.